Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Costume

Bomba super Kim Kardashian has become so popular they had to call police when she arrived at the opening of a brand new store. The store DASH is owned by Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. When trading opened in New York yesterday was all wrong.

Kim Kardashian was ready in Wonder Woman Costume which undoubtedly has to do good things, at least compared with the erosion and interest by the people on the street. Excited fans had come to the outside to look at Kim and her sister's eyes when they came in testy. When they were finally show was so much excitement that the police had a crooked game, to keep from excited fans. The sisters were all dressed in black when they met. Kim Kardashian Costume Jasmine was of course in the narrow and short black dress.

Kim Kardashian looks good in Halloween Costume as usual and a good curly hair. Her sisters were not worse. Khloe was too the roll collar dress and Kourtney seatrain black tights, black jacket and wide skirt. She stirred up chick walk up with the leopard shoes. DASH store in New York is the third store the sisters. Next time you go to New York you must visit this store.

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