Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Most Powerful Women In the World

Forbes magazine published a list of one hundred most powerful women in the world. Maybe you like charts seem superficial and unnecessary, but this has a great meaning. It shows that the influence of women in the face of this world is growing.

Political dances not only for boys
In the first ten you will find three politicians, three and four Representative media. Let’s start by ladies of the political world.

Last year forty, this year first Michelle Obama is definitely the diver. The role of "First Lady" is the first ever African-American authors and by a list of most powerful women has changed also figuratively, literally meaning the face of this specific function. Originally a lawyer and most recently director of the hospital is interested in young people and their duty to take the promotion of healthy lifestyles, food and sports. She ran a campaign called Let's Move! (Let's move), which helps fight childhood obesity epidemic.

Ten Powerful Women
1st Michelle Obama(46, USA), First Lady
2nd IRENE Rosenfeld(57, USA), head of Kraft Foods Group
3rd Oprah Winfrey(56, USA), presenter and businesswoman
4th ANGELA MERKEL(56, Germany), Chancellor
5th Hillary Clinton(Abroad 62, USA), Minister
6th Indra Nooyi(54 U.S.), head of PepsiCo
7th LADY GAGA(24, USA), singer
8th GAIL KELLY(54, Australia), head of Westpac
9th Beyonce Knowles(29 U.S.), singer
10th Ellen DeGeneres(52, USA), moderator

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