Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 5 Best Models Turned Actresses

1. Charlize Theron

She always saw dream of becoming a ballet dancer but when she won the contest of modeling at the age of 16 then she left all other things and start her career in modeling. She reached at the peek of success in modeling but unfortunately her knee gets fractured, then she left modeling and start acting. Nothing could stop her to prove herself a best actress. She also won the academy award for her acting.

2. Kim Basinger

There are uncountable successes in the life of Basinger. She starts her work from the age of 16.First she won the contest of Athens Junior Miss contest, after that Prize of Junior Miss Georgia was waiting for her and at last she won contest of National Junior Miss pageant. At the age of twenty she hired by the Ford Modeling agency. She was famous due to the fact of earning $1000 per day during her modeling career. After reaching at the top in modeling she starts acting. Her two most unforgettable movies were “Starsky and Hutch" and "Charlie’s Angels". She won the academy award of best supporting actress in 1997.

3. Jennifer Connelly

If you say that she is a born star then we will not be wrong. She starts her work at the very young age of 10. One of her father’s friend guided her in starting of her career. She worked with agency like “Ford”. After finishing her school she gets so popular in showbiz and did so many print and TV commercials. At the age of 16 she started acting. Her popular movie was “Labryrinth”. At this very young age she won the Golden Globe and Oscar awards because of her movie ” A beautiful Mind”

4. Halle Berry

She is one of those super successful people. She won the title of Miss Teen of Ohio just at the age of 17. Later on, she stood second in the contest of Miss USA pageant. After these success she entered in modeling careerat the very start of her career she did so many print and TV commercials. Unfortunately this super model could not give her services as modeling for long time and starts her career as actress. “Living Dolls” was her first serial on TV in 1989. After that she did “Jungle Fever” in 1991. Her achievement as actress was the wining of Best actress academy award.

5. Geena Davis

In her modeling career she first worked with the Zoli modeling agency and became a Victoria’s Secret model. After the modeling career her first movie was “Tootsie” after that she start doing movies and did hit movies like “The Fly" and "Earth Girls Are Easy". On doing her movie “The Accidental Tourist” she won the Oscar award for best supporting actress.

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