Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Katrina Look Hot in Wet Saree

When Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif start speaking Hindi, almost no detention. She says that a gift of colorful Saree to comfort her, but her desire to reveal the New Year.

Not say or even whether it is permanently moved from Monaco to Prague. This year she spent some time with his mother in a block of flats in the Southern city. Do not plan And Katrina Kaif want also something to keep for you. I’m excited when I see in the newspapers.

It’s only me that is written about things that are more important than my private life. Maybe on my foundation, "he said. During an interview on her cell phone says Prince Albert of Monaco? Katrina Kaif looks hot in Saree asks what she coined the greeting Christmas charity concert singer Bryan Adams.

They say to write it anyway, but maybe it just has not occurred," jokes thirty-five native of Prejudice. Still among the best paid model in the world, will soon celebrate its foundation ten years, while they gave away more than one hundred twenty million.

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