Friday, October 22, 2010

Maria Sharapova Hot Dress Designs

Maria Sharapova top tennis players in the world dress Design Fund allocates today, 21.December, 6,000,000 million to four designers working on the development and fears the progress of its projects. The Fund has sought to strengthen the excellent designers with sound business and a clear vision.

Maria Sharapova Design Foundation has developed a policy to follow up on selected projects so that the success that the designer intends so get three parties continued support this year to further strengthen their programs. These are Andrea by Andrea Mack PARFUMS, Amy Magi with Thornton and Catherine Non production tasks associated with the image of her home.

All these projects have in common is that hard work has been done in the previous grants. Maria Sharapova would surely support also the first time from the fund. In the case of the third allocation from the fund this year, but the fifth since the design of the Fund began operations in early 2011.

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