Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ranbir’s late night nautanki outside Deepika’s house

Ranbir Kapoor’s surprise visit to his ex girlfriend, Deepika Padukone’s home, a couple of months ago, has become the talk of the town.

Buzz has it that, two months ago, ex-lover Ranbir was spotted in Deepika’s building compound at around 12.45 am, pleadingand later arguing with the watchman that he wanted to meet her. When the actor was not allowed inside, he called up Deepika and requested her to let him in. Deepika who was in no mood to even see his face, finally after making him wait for about half hour, asked the watchman to send him in.

While on the phone with Deepy, says an eyewitness, “Ranbir was overheard telling Deepika, ‘Please allow me to come up. I am sorry. I want to explain.”

Adds the witness, “This late night visit by Ranbir in Cozy Home Apartments is rather surprising. He used to come very frequently earlier to this place, when he was dating Deepika. But after they split in October 2009, he had completely stopped coming.”

Ranbir spent some time with Deepika and left around 1.45 am.

I wonder what he wanted from her???

Source: Celebden

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